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About us
We are an organization that seeks to protect and preserve the legacy of the rural Pine Grove School (Rosenwald) and the African American community it served for decades sowing seeds of greatness for future generations to harvest (1917-1964).

The AMMD Pine Grove Project was born as an extension
of the Agee-Miller-Mayo-Dungy Family Association when the family, whose ancestral ties are deeply rooted to this historic school, learned that Pine Grove School was at risk of being sold for delinquent taxes. Within a week family and close friends raised sufficient funds to rescue this irreplaceable historic school. In June 2018, another threat emerged; a mega-landfill was being proposed to be installed adjacent to Pine Grove School. With this information, we added environmental justice to our preservation cause. By late Summer AMMD Family
Association had galvanized the community to work
toward preserving our history and protecting our

Since it’s inception, AMMD Pine Grove Project has
connected with organizations and citizens with similar
objectives to raise awareness of the the historical
significance of the segregated Pine Grove School. The
Pine Grove Project has grown into a coalition of former
students, concerned citizens, environmental and social
justice activists, historic preservation organizations,
educational institutions, historians, scientists, authors,
educators, attorneys, and, most importantly life long
members of the historic Pine Grove Community.

The primary objective of the AMMD Pine Grove Project is
to protect, restore, and repurpose the historic Rosenwald Pine Grove Elementary School to serve the entire County as a Cultural Center; with particular emphasis on African and Native Americans to Cumberland’s rich history.



What is a Rosenwald School

Members of the historically black Pine Grove community in Cumberland County, Virginia wanted to have a school built for their children as part of the school building program initiated by renown educator, Dr. Booker T. Washington of Tuskegee Institute, and Philanthropist, Julius Rosenwald of Sears Roebuck Company. The two men envisioned schools being built by black residents, for black students in collaboration with counties, municipalities, and the Rosenwald fund.

Black citizens petitioned Cumberland County to build a school for their children with the understanding that they could secure the land on which to build, and contribute a sizable amount towards building it. Four acres of land was deeded to the County in 1916, by William and Olivia Miller, and sufficient funds were raised ($1,000 from the County probably from taxes, $500 from African-American residents, and $50 from the Rosenwald Fund). Pine Grove School, built on the two-room Rosenwald Community School Plan, was erected in time to receive its first pupils in the Fall of 1917. The school operated continuously for over 40 years, as the only institution for educating the Black children in the segregated Pine Grove community.

AMMD Pine Grove Project stands on the shoulders of a dynamic group of Black Pine Grove residents who, in 1964, rescued Pine Grove School from auction by the County when all of the Rosenwald Schools closed due to desegregation. Founded by Mr. Robert L. Scales, Pine Grove Community repurposed the school as a community center hub well into the 1990s.

Please watch our video below to learn more about The AMMD Pine Grove Project


Meet The Board

Initial Directors

Alfred Austin
Cheryl Belt
Sonja Branch-Wilson
Genay Hines-Tucker
Lloyd James
Muriel Miller Branch - Director
Dorothy Rice
Michael Scales
Angela Booker, Treasurer  
Austina Johnson, Genealogist/Historian

Initial Officers

Muriel Miller Branch, President
Sonja Branch-Wilson, Vice-President
Dorothy Rice, Recording Secretary
Austina Johnson, Genealogist/Historian
Michael Scales, Parliamentarian

Initial Trustees

Alfred Austin
Lloyd James 


Fannie Robinson

Queen Shabaaz

In The News




Pine Grove School is designated a historic site



Preservation Virginia Announces: Pine Grove School Community On 2020 List of Most Endangered Places
The Pine Grove School Community, a rural community of businesses, churches, cemeteries and homes of students and teachers who attended the Pine Grove Rosenwald School in Cumberland County, is under threat from a proposed 1,200-acre landfill that, if approved, will fundamentally change the historic character of this 100-year old community and put residents at risk from major environmental hazards. The threat to the Pine Grove School Community is symbolic of the continual and systematic failure to adequately protect Virginia’s historic African American historic sites.

News Articles

Proposed Cumberland County Landfill

The link to sign the petition from this article: Petition here

Clinic Joins Fight To Preserve Historic Black Schoolhouse | University of Virginia School of Law

DHR – Virginia Department of Historic Resources » 024-5082 Pine Grove Elementary School

Pine Grove Declared Landmark

It’s Not Right: Cumberland Residents Say…...

Cumberland Residents Cross Racial Lines to Fight Third Attempt at a Landfill

Mega-landfill proposal threatens rural community, historic school

Rosenwald School - Muriel Miller Branch

Pine Grove Project - VA Most Endangered Historic Site 2020 video

The fight for environmental justice Town Hall with Dr. Benjamin Chavis

Click here to view the Pine Grove Gazette


     Teachers Page


Ms. Beatrice Daniel
Ms. Marguerite S Washington

No Record

Ms. Mary Gilliam
Ms. Pearl Washington

Ms. Ethel R Smith

Ms. Martha Parker 
Mrs. Mary E. Gilliam

Mrs. Mary E. Gilliam 
Mrs. Mary G. Parker

Mrs. Aurellia Fleming
Ms. Beatrice Fleming

Mrs. Mary E. Gilliam

Mr. Harrison Fuller 

Mrs. Mary E. Gilliam 
Mr. B.L. Bezeman 

Mrs. Mary Gilliam 
Mr. Robert C. Scott

Mrs. Ella Thomas
Ms. Kate Brown Booker

Mrs. Mary E. Gilliam

Mrs. Betty C. Scales

Mrs. Aretha Thornton (Miller)

Mrs. Betty C. Scales

Pine Grove Alumni


Gloria Miller Anderson
Rhonda Anderson
Hazel Miller Austin
Alfred Austin
Genervive Miller Baxter
Muriel Miller Branch
Cora Cooke
Curtis James
Eugene James
Hester James Lindsey
Jacqueline James-Hamelette
Lloyd James
Edna Miller Gordon
Sybil Mayo Gregory
Roosevelt Gregory
Gertrude Gilliam Layne
Austina Johnson
Nona Johnson Mason
James Miller
John Henry Miller
Wilbur Miller
Dorothy Rice
Fannie Harris Robinson
Michael Scales
Patricia Scales
Raymond Scott
Bruce Tate
Clara Parker West
Tyrone West
Earlene Scott
Otelia Gilliam
Thelma Gilliam Allen
Dorothy Payne Rice
Cora James Cook
Joseph Miller
Alexander Miller
Marguerite Harris Mason
Conrad Matthews
Rosa Boatwright
Peaches Boatwright

In Memoriam


In Memoriam




Voter's Day Special Thanks

Thank you, D’Naijah Ridley. She is a Senior at Thomas Jefferson HS - IB Program. We appreciate you!!!! 

Upcoming Events


In commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. ’s birthday and as a part of National Day of Service AMMD Pine Grove Project will host a webinar featuring stories from homegrown Civil Rights activists. This is also your opportunity to join the social, racial, and environmental justice movement in the Pine Grove Community spearheaded by the AMMD Pine Grove Project. “Join us as we grow!”

Webinar will be held on Saturday, January 16, 2021 - 11:00 AM, Register Early!!! (Attendance is limited to 100 participants). Please click the registration link here.

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AMMD Pine Grove Project


P.O Box 28332 Henrico, VA 23228


+1 (202) 643-AMMD (2663)


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