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AMMD Pine Grove Project is deeply committed to safeguarding the profound legacy of the historic Pine Grove School, a pillar of education from 1917-1964. Grounded in our dedication to the historically Black community it served, we sow seeds of greatness for future generations. This mission, encapsulated by our tagline “preserving history, expanding community”, is brought to life through our four pillars: Community Engagement, Education, Environmental and Social Justice, and History and Historic Preservation, creating a lasting and transformative impact. 


The AMMD Pine Grove Project was born as an extension of the Agee-Miller-Mayo-Dungy Family Association when the family, whose ancestral ties are deeply rooted to this historic school, learned that Pine Grove School was at risk of being sold for delinquent taxes. Within a week family and close friends raised sufficient funds to rescue this irreplaceable historic school. In June 2018, another threat emerged; a mega-landfill was being proposed to be installed adjacent to Pine Grove School. With this information, we added environmental justice to our preservation cause. By late Summer AMMD Family Association had galvanized the community to work
toward preserving our history and protecting our


Since it’s inception, AMMD Pine Grove Project has
connected with organizations and citizens with similar
objectives to raise awareness of the the historical
significance of the segregated Pine Grove School. The
Pine Grove Project has grown into a coalition of former
students, concerned citizens, environmental and social
justice activists, historic preservation organizations,
educational institutions, historians, scientists, authors,
educators, attorneys, and, most importantly life long
members of the historic Pine Grove Community.

The primary objective of the AMMD Pine Grove Project is to protect, restore, and repurpose the historic Rosenwald Pine Grove Elementary School to serve the entire County as a Cultural Center; with particular emphasis on African and Native Americans to Cumberland’s rich history.

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