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A gigantic thank you to all who worked so hard to clear Pine Grove School of old furniture and boxes to enable Will Rourk and his students from UVA to conduct the exciting, cutting edge technological wonder- 3D scanning on October 15, 2021. For those of you who stuck around to load and haul pitched items away, and placed furniture and boxes back in the school, I give you a double dose of thank you.

Work-a-bees included: Alumni- Roosevelt Gregory, Michael Scales, Lloyd James and Muriel Branch, AMMD Pine Grove Project members and friends- Bill, Carol, and Morgan Obrochta, and Kevin Halligan; UVA preservation partners- Dr. Jody Lehandro, and Dr. Lakshmi Fjord; Cumberland County Public Schools partners - Dr. Chip Jones, Dr. Jamison, Dr. Sheri Almond, Mr. Longenecker and Mr. Roneums.

While the building was being scanned, we gathered in impromptu circle to chat, to share memories, and brainstorm ways to make Pine Grove a living museum and cultural center, a place of value to the community once again. We also chatted about and shared ideas on how we can engage students in learning about this historic resource in their midst- all of which is helping to solidify AMMD Pine Grove Project and the community’s vision of future use/s of the school.

Thanks to Carol Obrochta, Lakshmi Fjord, and Michael Scales we were nourished with great snacks as we worked and chatted.

Unfortunately, I could not stay to the end. My friend, Carol “bubble wrapped” me with care and delivered me to my doorstep, before I got to tired.


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