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Virginia’s Pine Grove School named one of ‘America’s Most Endangered Historic Places’

Community members are rejoicing over the National Trust’s recognition, which helps raise awareness and increase support for their efforts to stop the proposed Green Ridge Recycling and Disposal Facility mega-landfill from being constructed in the community.

“My first reaction was joy—just unabashed joy,” says former Pine Grove School student Muriel Branch. “And thanksgiving that a prestigious national organization would see some of what we see, the value of both the school and the community.”

Branch is the president of the AMMD Pine Grove Project, a community group that has worked to preserve and gain historic recognition for the school and surrounding community, and is fighting to protect it from the proposed landfill.

Cumberland County resident Michael Scales, who attended Pine Grove School with Branch and whose mother and grandmother also taught there, says he hopes with this new recognition, the school can be used to show the value of Rosenwald schools and the communities they served so that they may also be preserved.

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